Terms and Conditions (US)

The owner is MADEREV INTERCONTINENTAL ACTIVITY LTD, with business number 14550340, delivery address: 590 Kingston Road, London, England, SW20 8DN.

The your-comments.com website is available at https://your-comments.com/

This regulation defines:

a) The conditions for using the website,

b) The rules for accepting orders,

c) The data management rules for the customer,

d) Complaint conditions

Changes to the content of the regulation:
a) The owner and administrator of the Service have the right to change the Regulation.

b) Changes come into effect after 14 days from the date of posting and delivery.

c) Customers to whom the regulation in the form in force prior to the entry into force of the change applies may submit a statement expressing their will to apply the Regulation to them in the new wording.

Under this regulation, a consumer is a natural or legal person who, as a final consumer, purchases the product, uses it or applies it.

Under this regulation, an entrepreneur is a natural or legal person who purchases the product to incorporate it into their production or processing process or for sale or provision of services.

Conditions for Using the Website.

a) Using the website means acceptance of this regulation and the rules contained therein.

a) Orders can be placed by users on the your-comments.com website.

b) Users can place orders by phone with a service adviser.

c) At the time of placing the order, it cannot be withdrawn because the order is processed and implemented.

d) Orders are carried out within 2 working days from the time of placing the order by the user.

e) The user has the right to request a refund if the order is not carried out or is not in line with the arrangements.

f) The consumer has the right to a refund upon proving that the comments have been removed due to the fault of the supplier. It must be demonstrated that the supplier’s account has changed to “GOOGLE USER”. In this case, the consumer is entitled to a guaranteed refund of the funds for each Google reviews that has changed.

4.1 All prices are given in the currency of the country and include all their components, including duties and taxes (including VAT).

4.2 Prices listed with the products on the your-comments.com website at the time of placing the order are binding and final. VAT invoices or receipts are issued for each order and are sent with the shipment.

4.3 Payment can only be made in the form of payment made simultaneously with placing the order.

4.4 The administrator of the your-comments.com website is not responsible for the timeliness of transferring funds between the customer’s bank and the payment system of the website.

4.5 Payment can be made through the indicated payment systems.

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