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Connect your business for to Google Reviews!

If you own a business, using the benefits of Google reviews is key to effective advertising on the web. Adding a new location to Google reviews is extremely easy and doesn’t require a lot of time. After logging into your Google account, go to the “Google My Business” page. After entering your business name, you can add a location – either a specific address or a general area of operation. Initially, you’ll enter your address information and describe the services you offer, as well as indicating from which locations your customers will be served. Once Google verifies your business, you’ll have the option to add additional categories related to your business. The next step in the registration process is to provide your phone number and any website address for your business. To verify your information, Google will send you a postcard. After about 15 days, you’ll receive a card with a code to enter into your created business account. The process of adding a listing is now complete and you can make various modifications from this point on

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Optimization of Google my Business listing is extremely important for the development of your business

After setting up a My Business listing for your company, you need to ensure that it is well positioned. In other words, your goal will be to achieve the highest position in the search engine ranking. After a while, your customer base will expand and the company will start generating more profits. Advertising is the lever of trade, so it is worth investing in good online marketing.


What is the positioning of a Google My Business listing? You must remember that setting up a Google My Business listing is not everything. The next step is to regularly update and modernize it. Thanks to the clear and intuitive “My Business” panel, you can manage the listing of your business in an intuitive way. It is extremely important to provide accurate information such as location, opening hours, adding photos, graphics and various attributes.

Beneficial Full Package for Google Reviews.

The Full Package for Google Reviews that we offer applies to every one of our services. As the first in Poland, we offer a Full Package for Google Reviews, the aim of which is for the consumer not to have to worry about their reviews and to return every time the job is finished. Thanks to our offer, you have the opportunity to set the number of reviews you wish for, along with the monthly frequency, and we will take care of the rest.The Full Package for Google Reviews is constructed more beneficial than packages in terms of options and add-ons. It is also worth mentioning that in the case of the Full Package for Google Reviews, reviews will appear with an irregular frequency for the sake of improving the effect.We are obliged to invite you to cooperate and also relieve you of the reviews for your business. Full packages for positive reviews are more adequate than packages for consumers who want to act longer, without delays. This kind of action is intended to save time for entrepreneurs who often cannot oversee their positive reviews.


Are You properly taking care of your reviews?

Business owners often pay little attention to positive reviews, unlike their customers. This neglect can lead to your business losing, and most likely already losing, the attention of potential customers. We not only want to offer our help and actions that will take care of your Google business listing, but also give you insight into how to take care of positive comments on your own. To enhance your business, it is essential to ask customers to leave positive reviews. If the situation allows, even offer small bonuses to those who leave a comment at your request.

Another good practice that will result in an increase in your rating is a monthly plan. Simply set a goal to have a certain number of reviews added to your listing (depending on the average) each month.

Our help with positive reviews can not only lead to a better rating on the service, but also advice, which we always oblige to our clients. If you think it is appropriate to ask any questions about any actions, you will receive an answer as soon as possible. We encourage you to purchase positive reviews on your-comments.com/pl and look forward to a productive collaboration.

Why are your Google reviews not bringing results?

It is worth mentioning that although positive Google reviews often affect the average rating of a business page, they do not necessarily encourage customers to use your services. The first page of any Google business listing is the “most relevant” tab. Customers who are interested in the quality of your services are looking for answers there. This tab contains both positive and negative reviews of your business. Unfortunately, there is never a guarantee that comments will appear there.

At your-comments.com/pl, we have a solution to this problem. Google reviews that are constructed in the form of a long (more than 3/4 of a sentence) and appropriately enriched with keywords and photos have a better chance of positively influencing your future customers who are reviewing the most relevant reviews of your business.

At the beginning of our cooperation, we recommend that you do a needs assessment on your own or contact our consultant in the “contact” tab to prepare carefully for initiating joint actions.


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